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Dr. Gigi Louisa Johnson has been inspiring audiences with visions and lenses of possible futures.Bring her to share ideas with your organization or team for inspiration on possible futures, new technologies, personal augmentation, or changing work and creative systems.
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Talks and Topics

Future of Creative Work
Program: Hands-on Live Team Program, 5 Hours

How will Artificial Intelligence and the shared/gig/boundaryless economy impact how work is designed?  How do we work?  Who works?  How will we plan for how we learn and create in a distributed, always-on, digital community-driven environment?  How do we design the systems and economics for learning and creativity to thrive?

This five-hour program connects forward-thinking executives with activities that step them through macroeconomic challenges to systems and local level change in work to personal plans and strategies.

The audience will leave with:

  • A deep dive into macroeconomic, business-level, and personal level impacts of future business and work trends/trajectories
  • Team-level discussions on what assumptions their current business is holding about future catalysts and barriers
  • New ideas on building organizational resilliance toward different future visions


Smart Smartphones
Program: Hands-On Workshop, 60 Minutes

We live with smartphones in our back pockets, but often are at their beck and call instead of their own.

Gigi has provided groups with inspirational redos of their relationship with their devices, and shares how her own memory challenges inspired her to rethink how she uses smartphones, personal assistants, and things like web hooks in her own daily work and life.  She shares tips and tricks for how to rearrange your own digital life for maximum joy and support.


Augmenting Yourself and Your Decisions
Program: Keynote, 60 Minutes

Gigi talks about the many challenges of our hypercurated, playlisted world of 2019 and beyond. She’ll share an overview of where we are in terms of digital toolsets and marketplaces.  She will share how her own views and behaviors changed after an illness last Winter, which made her rethink how her own life and brain works with augmenting and nagging technologies.   She will look at the darker underside of how digital natives have been trained to make major life decisions, how we can create digital extensions for a more focused life,  and some parting thoughts on how to learn and create in this trained and tracked digital world.


Future and Past Events


Santa Barbara, CA

South by Southwest, Austin, TX


  • Music 2030: What The Future Holds, Web Summit, Lisbon, Portugal – video
  • Tech and . . . Music – General Assembly, DTLA
  • Music Finance Forum – Winston Baker, Skirball Cultural Center, West Los Angeles
  • Amplify Music on the West Side – Santa Monica Public Library and City of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs, Santa Monica
  • Keynote and Working Conference Lead, “Future of Work,” Fielding Graduate University, Regional Gathering, Palo Alto, CA
  • Moderator and Panelist, “On Stage: Technology and Music Creation,” House of Blues All Access, Los Angeles, CA
  • Keynote Speaker, University of California Office of the President, “Augmenting Selves — Challenges of Creating Lives and Futures in a Trained and Tracked Digital World,” Oakland, CA
  • Host and Moderator, Future of Music in Los Angeles, COMPOSE LA Event Series with the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs
  • Panelist, “Data-Driven Management,” 1st Annual Bruin TEK Forum, UCLA, Los Angeles
  • Co-Host and Moderator, Amplify Music on the West Side, Santa Monica, CA
  • Co-Host and Moderator, Amplify Music in LA, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
  • Panelist, “The Future of the Music Business,” Digital Entertainment World, Los Angeles
  • Panelist, SXSW, “Blueprint: Finding Sonic Voice with Social Sound,” Austin, TX
  • Moderator, SXSW, “Music Industry 3.0 – The Great Rebalancing Begins, Austin, TX
  • Keynote Speaker, “Building Creative Lives and Futures in a Trained and Tracked Digital World,” EPIC International Summit, Santa Barbara, CA
  • Keynote Speaker, “Designing for Whose Normal?”, UCLA BruinTech and UCLA AMG
  • Panelist, “Forward Futures: Workforce Development,” Teen Summit, LA County Alliance for Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Speaker: “How are Careers Changing and How AI and Search are Changing the World,” UCLA BruinTec
  • Panelist, “The Future of Intersection of Technology and Entertainment,” Wonder Women Tech, Long Beach
  • Research Presenter, “Playlisting Video,” The 20th Annual Mallen Scholars and Practitioners Conference in Filmed Entertainment Economics, Potsdam and Berlin
  • Fireside Chat, “Tech changed consumption: What’s the next disruption?” Collision Conference, Music Notes, New Orleans, LA
  • Panelist, “Supercharge Student Career Superpowers,” MusicBiz, Nashville, TN
  • Workshop Facilitator, “How to Teach Designing Your Creative Career,” SXSWedu, Austin, TX


    • Keynote, “The Mobile Living Experience: Smart Phones, Smarter Choices?” UCLA Mobile Experience Conference
    • Keynote, “Smart Phones, Smart Audiences,” SF Entertainment Commission
    • Speaker, “How Streaming Influences Concert Choices and Music Consumption,” Music Industry Research Association Conference
    • Moderator, “Music Streaming & The Splinternets: The New, Competing, Cultural Curators,” Transforming Hollywood 8
    • Speaker, “Tech Tools for Music Industry Exploration,” MusicBiz 2017
    • Keynote Speaker, “Accelerating Technology and its Impact on the Music Industry,” Private conference