We get a lot of interesting questions.  If it isn’t covered below, please reach out on our Contact page.

Can Gigi speak for free at my event?

Generally, no.  She does have variable rates for different programs, organizations, and groups.  If the event clearly and directly connects with her UCLA Center, FIRST Tech Challenge, or other existing programs, she can consider a pro bono speaking opportunity to help those programs along.  Otherwise, please Contact us for rates for your event or program.

Can I take one of Gigi’s UCLA classes?

During the school year, not directly.  We do have some of her UCLA classes as programs with various online platforms like Udemy, Curious, and Learning.ly.  Occasionally, Gigi teaches summer programs at UCLA that ARE available for non-UCLA students.

Can I set up a program with Gigi and Maremel for my organization?

Of course! Please contact us to check schedules and what you are wanting to create for your team and organization.