Career Adventure Guide

Our Career Adventure Guide

Welcome to 2022 and beyond.  We are here to help you make 2022 a Joyous Adventure.  And we’re here to help you build skills and strengths to get you unstuck and moving in a bolder, more energized direction.

Why We Do This

There are lots of online career guides, skill quizzes, and heavily-marketed job sites out there.  We love many of them.

This Guide is the joyful exploration of what you might want to do to broaden your ideas and bring in new possibilities.  We aim to help you

  • rethink your own storyline and frameworks on jobs,
  • find the right tools and networks for you, and
  • set up personalized and supported follow-up systems to keep the journey and explorations going.

The Time is Now

We all change jobs.  In fact, the average person under 30 changes them more than once every 3 years.  How can you find the right support under these transitions? How do you get started with a solid framework and untangled from the heavy resume-system, un-personalized networks? How can you really learn where the gaps are that might be unique to your own skills or your own areas of passion/exploration/change?
For users who are in their teens through 60’s, there are career pivots and re-launchings that happen at all stages. is launching programs for different stages of life, to build the structures and awareness to help you break out of your own boxes, build skills and relationships, and build systems to provide the social, knowledge, and emotional support you need to develop and expand (and pivot) in changing work and tech worlds. 

Past Tidbits and Explorations

Augmenting My Mind

How much in technology is augmenting me versus being a digital vampire? How much is one tool or another improving my life vs. taking time and control away? I'm now about 21 months into having short-term memory problems. I had some kind of a memory degradation when I...

From Music in LA to Digital and Music in Austin

We've just ended the second cycle of our Future of Music in LA projects at the Center for Music Innovation at UCLA Alpert.  We helped run a half-day symposium with the City of LA Dept. of Cultural Affairs and the UC Digital...

Playing with Facebook Stories Camera Effects

My Facebook friends must be thinking I'm nuts (again).  I've been tinkering with Facebook Stories and its Camera Effects.  In fact, I've been playing so much I'm also looking into the Camera Effects and AR (augmented reality) developer group. First, here's some of the...

Craft, Process, and Thinking of Becoming

Today I'm working on taxes for our two college students' FAFSAs and watching "Abstract: The Art of Design" on Netflix in the background.  Christoph Niemann is both in his story and telling his story about craft and life.  He is a character and an animated...

HUD: Stories on How We Work and Decide

Gigi enjoyed sharing thoughts over YouTube and the US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) OCIO Learning Series.  This session was recorded in January and ran as a webinar on March 17.  You can find it now...