We get a lot of interesting questions.  If it isn’t covered below, please reach out on our Contact page.

Can Gigi speak for free at my event?

Generally, no.  She does have variable rates for different programs, organizations, and groups.  If the event clearly and directly connects with her UCLA Center, FIRST Tech Challenge, or other existing programs, she can consider a pro bono speaking opportunity to help those programs along.  Otherwise, please Contact us for rates for your event or program.

Can I take one of Gigi’s UCLA classes?

During the school year, not directly.  We do have some of her UCLA classes as programs with various online platforms like Udemy, Curious, and Learning.ly.  Occasionally, Gigi teaches summer programs at UCLA that ARE available for non-UCLA students.

Can I set up a program with Gigi and Maremel for my organization?

Of course! Please contact us to check schedules and what you are wanting to create for your team and organization.

Past Tidbits and Explorations

Recorded Webinar: Drinking from the Digital Data Fire Hose

[Edited April 27, 2014] We happily shared some of our work at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) OCIO Learning Session on April 17, 2014 both at their Auditorium in Washington DC and via a live Webinar, which you can as a recording below.  It was...

Cyborg Attachments and Goodies from CES 2014

We enjoyed our adventures at CES 2014.  Dr. Johnson came hold with a nasty convention cold, and now that she is almost human again, we thought we would share the human-adjacent technologies about robots, eye tracking, 3D printing, telepresence, quad copters, cars, and...

To MOOC or Not To MOOC?

To MOOC or not to MOOC?  That has been the question in the minds of many educational institutions' leadership since early to mid-2012.  Should we produce our classes on video and share them with a variety of partners to learn from these experiences? MOOCs (Massively...

Facebook: At a Plateau or Changing Audiences?

Digital Hollywood has been a semi-annual ritual for us for more than five years.  Our president, Dr. Gigi Johnson, moderated a panel to a packed room on "The Facebook Factor," with the following introductory slides on the size and scale of Facebook in the United...

SXSW 2014 Crowdsourced Panelpicker: Update with Results

         [Revised Jan. 22, 2014] Back in August 2013, SXSW started its crowdsourced panel picking process for 2014.  Each year, thousands of people pitch great ideas to be voted on in a big crowdsourced process.  According to a recent email, 700 people pitched SXSWedu...