We enjoyed meeting all the people who came to our Computer Using Educators session in Palm Springs, California, last week.  Our presentation, “Reframing Technology Narratives and Routines To Energize Organizational Change,” is up on Slideshare, plus embedded below.

To some, this may seem VERY complex, and we are working to make much of this more simple.  One of the participants last week suggested we create a workbook, which is a fine idea.

The core story here is that we worked with a K-12 school district last year to help them understand how they could change their own stories about technology blockages.  First, we gathered stories from 22 individuals at different locations and levels across the organization.  Then, we analyzed those narratives and brought them back to the organizations’ members in focus groups.  The groups took apart the patterns, and later individuals took action to changes some of the main stories across the organization.