We are hosting a Digital Media 101 Panel at 10 am on October 17, 2011 at Digital Hollywood (http://www.digitalhollywood.com/). We’ll be at the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Ray, CA, as part of the Digital Hollywood series of workshops and seminars.

Pre-Day Events – The Strategic Sessions
Monday, October 17th
10:00 AM – 11:15 AM

Track II: Poolside Screening Tent I
Digital Media 101 – The Primer – Multiplatform Trends,
Search and Social, Deals and Financings – A Prep Course for Getting the Most Out of Digital Hollywood

This energetic three-guru panel will get you ready to hit Digital Hollywood at a full run. We will share big trends, via news and data visualizations of recent statistics, to allow early participants a chance to get their bearings ahead of the sessions. We’ll hit what is happening in film, TV, music, advertising, search, social, publishing, mobile, multimedia, and that thing called “transmedia.” We’ll touch on recent deals and comparative sector trajectories. Get ready for an hour and a quarter of a full fire hose of information…plus a way and place to ask the questions that you haven’t wanted to ask in a detailed media sector session. You’ll walk out of the session ready with new ideas—and with even more questions to ask over the next few days of Digital Hollywood.

  • David Tochterman, Head of Digital Media, Innovative Artists; adjunct professor, Syracuse University
  • John David Heinsen, CEO & Executive Producer, Bunnygraph Entertainment, Inc.
  • Dr. Gigi Johnson, Executive Director, Maremel Institute