Very interesting search going on on-line and between people for these 10 DARPA red balloons. Started at 10 am EST today with various groups getting together to find them.

I’m using Twitscoop ( and PicFrog ( to watch the scene.

Lots of publicly stated and Tweeted “finds”:
– Albany, NY, NYS Museum (photo below)
– Santa Barbara, CA ?#4 (Beach) — pic at –34d 24m 51s N; 119d, 41m, 05s, W — another pic link
– Irvine Spectrum, CA (#5), near entrance — appxo. — link to photo
– University of Wyoming 510 East Flint Street, Laramie, WY (supposed #7)
– Delaware? – photo at (another supposed #7)
– Portland, OR, Waterford Park (photo below) (#9)
– Nashville, TN — ??
– Heinz Field, Pittsburgh
– Scottsdale, AZ
– Highland Park, Lafayette, IL
– Fanuell Hall or Dexbury, Boston — ??
– Austin, TX
– Rochester, NY
– Bithlo Speedway, FL (supposedly false report)
– Near 14 Freeway, Marina Del Rey, CA (looks strange)
– Providence River, RI (photo below)
– Royal Oak, MI
– Louisville, KY, near Dixie Highway
– Troy, NY (250 Lark @ Jay)
– 4925 Ashley Park Drive, West Des Moines, supposedly #5 also

Photos posted on Twitpic include:

Santa Barbara, CA
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Portland, OR

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Albany, NY

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Royal Oak, MI
Giant red balloon in Royal Oak, MI on Twitpic

Marina del Ray, CA
Mom just called to tell me she saw a red balloon by the freew... on Twitpic