I heard from a few past clients and students recently. The message mostly was “hey, I saw you on my 11 o’clock news! I never watch it, but happened to still have the TV on and there you were!”

Yes, that was me.

I did a half-hour interview in January that got inserted into newscasts in a few markets in February. Interesting both on what gets kept from a half hour (generally 1-2 sentences) and how viewable these things now are from outside the market.

Here we have one that is embeddable and two that are linkable:

Brian Rodriguez, 27 News, Madison, WI, WKOW-TV:

Link only from CBS Affiliate in Boston: WBZ-TV


KING-TV — not embeddable either — ad stuck in the front:

Local edits and local voiceovers were added.

Thoughts? I had talked for quite a while on the areas that interest me, which includes communicating between family members, thinking about your own brand, etc. I was sound-bited to what you hear and see in these links.