I’m always fascinated at the interplay between traditional and digital media. The traditional gives memes and other bursts of energy a boost into the broader knowledge base. Twitter got two such boosts today:

JobAngels — a Tweet and re-Tweet vehicle to help people find jobs, with 300 or so jobs circulated, caught the attention with an article.
Kogi BBQ — a more interesting mix of viral and live is the Kogi taco truck, which is met by 500 people as it is Twittercast where it is going. Also fascinating that the people running the truck call a sister in New York who Tweets from there (not from Twitterberry or iPhone tweeting, etc.), a low-tech/high-tech mix. The Times also added video to this story online.

The first seems like a promotional spin as a human interest story. The latter seems like an interesting mash-up of fan subculture and foodie-ism with tech innovation. It also relates to the pay-for-play contentions on the Yelp article, asserting that Yelp may be shaking down restaurants to get foggy sponsorships.

So what is the LA Times saying about its competition with all of these? As these are about its competition, the instant news options that are pushing the LA Times out of bed.