This year’s CES will be very different, I’m assuming. For one thing, I just got a room for $100/night, cancelling my old room. In prior years, you needed to have a room months in advance just to have one. Cohorts have been down in Primm booking just 4 weeks ahead of time. I had 4 hotels to choose from that were 3 Star just tonight. Strangely enough, the prices were widely different by site. I was tempted to stay at Golden Nugget for less than $80/night, but there is no shuttle and I do normally hate the hour-long cab lines at CES. And even though things seems slack, I do lack patience.

And there were frequent flyer seats on Southwest at 5 different times of the day back to Ontario Sunday night.

But the buzz is already chatting away on Twitter, with the hashtag of #CES09. Hashtags are an odd beast. I’ve been seeing #CES09 items spinning past my Twitter feed on TwitterFox (a Firefox add-on that keeps flashing my new feeds in the bottom right of my Twitter browser.

So I’m frantically getting ready to launch my fifth annual Media 2015 class over at UCLA Anderson on Thursday nights. I’m also frantically getting my first draft of my book proposal out from the materials from this class — it’s making me a bit nervous!

I’m also looking forward to going to the Kids@Play session at CES. I really enjoyed the 2008 version and am spending a lot more time in this space…though the content and education folks are quite separated from the school folks in it…fascinating…

And lastly, had a wonderful time today on the LEADING THROUGH CHANGE v.2009 Webinar run by Steve Shephard. He really is wonderful at translating the cutting edge Web 2.0 world for telecom executives looking to make a leadership difference in their companies. He’s getting ready for another Telecom Crash Course program that he runs in a relationship with USC CTM.