I feel very blessed right now. I am so lucky to have the life that I have.

I spent some time at the gym talking with two people. One has just retired at age 58 after having first been a photographer and then a city councilman — and now is waiting for the world to present his next adventure. That resonated with me.

The other is a friend who has spent the past week at the hospital bedside of a 23-year-old niece (single mother of an 8 year old) who was hit in a head-on collision down by San Diego and smashed her leg. The other passengers were mostly badly hurt, with three reconstructed intestines from the seatbelt damage, but all alive in a very bad crash.

We forget how lucky we are.

Then I just got off the phone with a charming person in biz dev at TokyoPop, who may speak in both of my programs. VERY neat guy in a VERY neat business. What other thing could I be doing for a living that would bring me to such broad walks of life? That would allow me to talk with so many interesting people? How very cool!

And I am blessed by technology and life allowing me to have so many wonderful people as precious piece of my puzzles.

A friend at breakfast this week suggested I should be writing a book about how to change your life and supercharge your business. I’m in early stages of two books: one on how to have a great Digital Family and the other on the megatrends happening in media across all platforms. Maybe that really is my mission and space.

Today I happen to be lunch with a friend who helps people write books today — maybe that’s part of where I am going. Maybe I can affect lives that way best and really have something powerful to say.

Maybe I just need to enjoy today that I am blessed.