Future of Work

Hybrid and "purple" careers are changing dramatically.  Jobs exist now that didn't even three years ago.

How can you prepare for business and work in 5, 10, and 20 years?

Building Your Next Career Adventure

Gigi asks people daily "What is your Adventure?"  Many people don't see work as part of their own adventures, or are waiting for their adventure to begin.

Share 7 steps toward kicking off your next Career Adventure.

Futures of Education and Creativity

How will we plan for how we learn and create in a distributed, always-on, digital community-driven environment?  How do we design the systems and economics for learning and creativity to thrive?

Balloon lifting

Shared Futures

Gigi has been speaking about shared ideas of the future for many years (see below).  Bring her to share ideas with your organization or team for inspiration and shared action.

Past Speaking Events

Samples of speaking events include:

  • Music 2020: Creating the Future of Music Together (Digital Hollywood)
  • Technology, The Future and Creative Individuals: An evening with Dr. Gigi Johnson exploring the future of creative collaboration in a digital world (Levitt Foundation)
  • Music 2020: Re-Creating Music's Future (Association of Independent Music Publishers)
  • Changing Organizational Stories to Change How We Work and Decide (US Department of Housing and Urban Development, OCIO Learning Session)
  • Music 2020: How We Can Change the Future (SXSW Music, Austin, TX)
  • Big Data, Small Data, Narrative Data: When We Use What and Listening to Our Worlds (California Institute of Advanced Management)
  • 20/20 Vision in an Uncertain Music 2020 (UCLA Parents’ Weekend)
  • Negotiating the Next University (Online Learning Consortium Conference)
  • Music Technology Design & Implementation: How We Create, Collaborate, & Consume (UC Symposium on Music in relation to Brain Science, Medicine, & Education, UC MERCI)
  • Surviving the Shift: Rethinking Music and Data (SXSW Music, Austin, TX)
  • Women in Technology (Web Summit, Dublin)
  • Drinking from the Digital Data Fire Hose (US Department of Housing and Urban Development)
  • Pixelating Reality: How Smartphones Shift Now (SXSW Interactive)
  • Blending the University (SXSWedu)
  • The Future of Digital Content & Distribution (NAMIC SoCal)
  • Using Digital Building Blocks to Expand your Voice, Connections, and Community (Fielding Graduate University, Virtual Conference)
  • Changing Minds, Changing Organizations, Changing Technologies (Academy of Management Meeting)
Music 2020 SXSW

Next Steps...

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