My Story

I connect diverse people and ideas together around how technology impacts our lives, with a focus on how we can take positive, intentional action.  Tech-connected phones and tools impact how we work, live, create, share, and collaborate.

I mix insights from 9 careers, including time in finance and advisory work at Band of America corporate banking, media distribution in video on demand, music performance and marketing as a performer and producer, higher education in advisory work and teaching, and teaching technological tools and innovation since 1999 to wide varieties of people and groups.

I also have raised three young adults who are making their way in this digital world.  My powers are fueled by diverse credential backgrounds, mixing an EdD in educational change/media studies, an MBA, and a USC film production degree.

Answering Questions from Todd Henry's "Die Empty":

What moves me with emotion

  • Frustration with “I can’t because xxxx (non-real blockage).”  I’m using YYY software and don’t have time.  “That’s out of town and I don’t have the money to travel (to create this opportunity).”
  • Joy when past students who have done something with their lives in cool directions: “You were the first person to tell me about ZZZZ [which helped spur their career direction].”
  • Joy when I hear past students’ stories.  “I did this.”
  • Glee with immersive, fun, emotional experiences, especially in beautiful places
  • Pleasure enjoying amazing creative work in music, costumes, events, and other places.

What have I mastered

  • Knowing what is happening in different threads - picking up the threads of what is coming and possibly impacting us
  • Interviewing people to tell their own stories, ranging from moderating events to recording oral histories of whole organizations and retired creative leaders.
  • Listening to our stories, organizations, hopes, dreams, limits -- and documenting them with images and challenges.

What gives me hope

  • Small groups gathering to do impactful things in the world.  
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My Work

I bring insights, advise, and humor to help groups and individuals thrive in digital water.

We are digital fish, swimming in a big tank that we cannot see well. . . or at all.  The world and the way we engage in it is dramatically shifting with embedded, perpetual connected technologies.

How can we swim differently?  How does our digital water affect how we live, work, share, love, create, collaborate, and plan our lives together?

This is my core work in the world, embodied by my speaking, conference engagements, writing, teaching, research and community work at the UCLA Center for Music Innovation, work at Maremel with organizations, non-profit work at Rethink Next, and creative projects.

My Three Energy Focuses

I run several ventures/adventures.  I created Maremel in 2001 to have a great place to put my ideas, creations, and projects with partners.  I created Next Careers as a place to build scale in non-profit vocational training programs in technology and career.  And I founded and launched the UCLA Center for Music Innovation in 2014 with the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music as a conversation about the dramatic changes in what technology is doing to creation and connected communities that celebrate music and life.

Maremel Institute

Programs that Connect the Digital Dots

Consulting, multimedia publishing, advisory, and educational partnerships for organizations


Education, Programs, and Events for the Futures of Work and Next-Generation Careers

STEM career programs for teens through adults, including FIRST Tech Challenge for Southern California

UCLA Center for Music Innovation

Connecting Positive Futures in Tech-Impacted Music Ecosystems

Events, research, and community conversations, based in the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

Next Steps...

Contact me and my team to discuss possible programs and ideas that we can work on for the future.  Want me to speak and work with your team or event?  Want to build a new program or partnership?  Want to build new classes and programs?  Let's talk.