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Positive futures.

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An energetic and engaging speaker, Gigi Johnson helps us rethink our futures.

Gigi helps us rethink our Questions.  She inspires us to explore different directions with our work, future visions, and our lives.  She makes clear the many new technologies in our daily lives.  She identifies new business trends and connections, not just for now, but for the mid-term future.

She focuses on three drivers of new alternatives:

  • how time, place, and data are reconnecting how we engage with each other;
  • how our stories that we use to understand those reconnections drive change; and
  • how we can thrive by bringing new models and information into our work, careers, brands, and relationships.

Dr. Johnson speaks about impacts of technology and change on creative industries, future work, careers, education, big decisions, communities, and social change.

Core Speaking Themes

  • Rethinking Next — Alternative Futures — how to get the people inside to understand what is happening outside…and helping yourself become an expert
  • Designing your next career adventure — how to think bigger about what you might do in your own  pathways for yourself in work/life/creativity/learning
  • Music and Creative Work
    • Technology, The Future and Creative Individuals
    • Music 2020 and Building Positive Futures in Music
    • How Smartphones Shift Now
    • Rethinking Music and Data
  • Data and Decisions in Organizations
    • Big Data, Small Data, Narrative Data
    • Changing Organizational Stories to Change How We Work and Decide
    • Drinking from the Digital Data Firehose

Link to Past Speaking Events >>

She also organizes and moderates panels for organizations and events, and hosts the “Innovating Music” Podcast at UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music.