Speaking and Teaching
  • 3 days of teaching executive programs in Copenhagen and Hannover on music, tech, and change (Dec. 2017)
  • Finishing up my Music Business Fundamentals 25-person class at UCLA Herb Alpert School’s Music Industry Program (Oct.-Dec. 2017)
Research on Creativity, Tech, and Robust Digital Living
  • Planning a Fall 2018 Conference on the Future of Music In Los Angeles, in conjunction with LA Cultural Affairs
  • Working on building at least 1 Lab on data, digital technology, VR, and creativity at/with UCLA
  • Continuing my book outline on “Playlisting Reality”
  • Working on my paper on Playlisting Reality for a WMEMC in South Africa
  • Working on my presentation for SXSWedu on Teaching how to Design Your Creative Career
Community-Building on Developing Careers and Next-Gen Learning
  • Continuing work with 145 FIRST Tech Challenge teams of 7th-12th graders, as part of
  • Continuing pilots of Designing Your Creative Career and getting ready to expand the pilots into salable live and online classes
  • Enjoyed being part of a working group at UCLA on how to support expanded learning technologies across the university
Creative Work and Personal Development
  • Holiday singing — still dreaming of a new holiday album
  • Learning some Danish as follow up to my travels
  • Sewing my own clothing and continuing to gather great fabrics on my local travelsUpdated December 2017